Adfly traffic exchange is the best trick for you to earn money online. Today we are sharing with you adfly in urdu guide so that you don’t have to rely always on tricks or auto bot 2015 clicker. Advertisements are the best way to generate income online and that’s why you see ads along side Facebook, Google and many other websites. Bad thing is that we use internet all day long without generating any sort of income which means we are providing money to some one else. We share links on many social media sites without being credited and that’s why we left behind in this modern era.

Adfly Traffic Exchange Sites

Good thing is that now a days you don’t have to rely on others to make money because there are many websites like LikesPlanet which allows you to see other peoples advertisement and in return they will see your ads which means profit. So if you can see 1000 ads per day than you can easily earn 3 to 5 dollars per day which means 100$ per month easily without any problem.

Payment withdrawal option are PayPal, Payza and OK Pay. Don’t worry we will also tell you how to verify Paypal in Pakistan free of cost with the help of this trick. Also you have tons of other opportunities like make money with Facebook and earning points by referring this site to your friends and family members.

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