Now you can earn make money with Facebook free likes ads page in urdu without investment. Facebook account let you do many things like running your own ads, like many pages and promote campaigns by sharing it on your wall. So if you are wasting time on any social media site than it’s time to generate some revenue from your spear time. You will not going to make millions from these sites but still it’s a good initiative specially if you are a newbie. Also you can any time run your own ads which means if you want to increase the likes of your page than it’s a good platform for you.

How to Start Work

First of all obviously you need a Facebook account but keep in mind that don’t use your personal account and it’s better to create new one. Now before joining the websites mention below you need payment processors accounts of like Payza and Payza so that you can withdraw your money. Open Payza bank account by clicking this link and verify PayPal account by visiting this site.

make money facebook urdu guide ads likes page

After joining websites all you need to do is to login into your Facebook account and open sites main interface. Here you will see many options like sharing advertisers content on your wall, Like many pages and posts. You will also get many points which you can use to run your own campaigns. After earning more than $2 you can any time withdraw your money via Payza or PayPal.

Open Paypal Account

paypal in pakistan

Open Payza Bank Account


Open You Like Cash Account

you like cash

Open Fan Slave Account


Open Likes Planet Account