Get free credit debit or ATM card Payoneer MasterCard in Pakistan with so many other features. It all start with payoneer mastercard application which can be done via main site or from the special link mention below. The benefit of special link is that when ever you will load your card with $100 you will get extra $24 bonus. So it’s better to signup via the special link and your card will be shipped at your home address in Pakistan. Card activation is very easy once you got it just login into your account and enter the 16 digit code. It’s fees are very low compare to other credit cards and you only have to pay $3 per month.

What is Payoneer MasterCard

It is a plastic card same like your other bank cards with Master logo on it. Mainly ATM cards in Pakistan have Visa logo on it but don’t be afraid of this as both are different companies but doing the same job. Payoneer in Pakistan is an American company which send it’s cards all over the world free of cost so that you can send and receive payments all around the world.

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What is Payoneer US Payment Service

This is one of the excellent service they provide to you so that you can receive payments from USA, UK and other European countries. This way you can also verify PayPal account in Pakistan and receive payments from any person living in USA or from companies.

Where can I Use it

You can use this card on ATM all across Pakistan, petrol pumps, online shopping sites, Apple site, Hostgator, Godaddy, E-bay, Best Buy, Mega Malls, Cash and Carry stores etc. You can also receive money from different sites like Fiverr, Freelance, oDesk, Elance etc.

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How to order Free Card

Just visit this special Payoneer referral link and order your card with real details like name, working email address, full home address, mobile number etc. Please keep in mind that they will verify each and every thing with document like may ask your Nadra ID card etc. Also you need to make sure that normal post man delivers post at home otherwise you will not receive the card.

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Order your Free Card Now

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