How to make money on Twitter for free in urdu 2015 specially if you live in a third world country like India and Pakistan. Not many people know that Twitter also earns money with some ads or tweets by advertising companies. These tweets are published or posts by people like you and me. But this is not the way that you will open your account today and will start earning money. You have to build your profile and remain active on the site. Also you need more and more followers to build the trust factor. The more you got followers more ads you will get which means more income.

How to Start Work

First of all create fresh Twitter account and fill your profile. Make sure you fill all the details including your profile picture and byline. After that verify your account by clicking on the verification link you will receive in your inbox. Remain active for 7 to 10 days, tweet and retweet according to your interest. Follow some other people of your interest and contact with them via messages.

Increase Twitter Followers for Free

This part is very important because no one will give you money for tweets if your account has very few followers. Join all these websites mention below and increase followers by following other people.

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Earn more and more points so that you can also get followers in return.


Make Money with Twitter Now

It’s time to generate some money by re-tweeting your advertisers ads. In order to find advertisers simply join websites mention below with he help of your twitter account and bit on various campaigns. Some sites allow you to auto bid and that way you don’t have to do any work. Set your bid and they will automatically post tweets on your timeline.

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How to Withdraw Money

When you will earn more than 10$ you can withdraw your money with the help of PayPal account. Don’t worry we will tell you how to open free PayPal account in Pakistan.


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