One dollar work is just like 5 dollar work in which you have to invest only 1 dollar with the help of payment processor like Payza or Skrill. You can open these online bank accounts easily and free without submitting any sort of documents. OneDollarRiches review in urdu is a website where all you need to do is to invest only one dollar and invite your friends, family members or any one in the world with your referral link. When ever they will signup under your affiliate link you will get 100% commission and that is of course one dollar. Same is the case with all your referrals when they will invite some one they will also get commission. So it’s a win win situation for all which means you will lose nothing and all your profit will be in your online bank account instantly.

How to Start Work

First of all you need Payza Personal Pro or “Business Account” in order to participate in this scheme. Don’t worry upgrading your account in totally free and all you need to do is to provide your personal documents like Nadra ID card and Shipping address info like Electricity or Suigas bill. After verifying your account just visit the OneDollarRiches site via this link and click on Join now link at the top of your screen.

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You will see Payza website checkout screen where you have to pay your first and last payment. Just login into your Payza account by entering your email address and password. On next page they will ask for PIN code, you should provide it and press the pay button to complete the transaction. That’s it your account is complete and now you have to fill in your personal details like your name and email address in order to receive future updates. Keep in mind that both your Payza email as well as One Dollar Richies email should be same otherwise this will not work for you.

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